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March 31, 2009
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Mere Tolerance Isn't Enough by Cookies-n-Scream Mere Tolerance Isn't Enough by Cookies-n-Scream
Read Left part, then Right part then the bottom. Okay?
We must respect other religions even as we respect our own.
Mere tolerance thereof is not enough.
Mohandas K. Gandhi
Tempest Foundation stands for Train, Educate, & Motivate Parents, Educators & Students in Tolerance
In Memory of Tempest Kayne Smith

Every religion has been presecuted for their beliefs, but does that make it right? Tolerance is not enough, we must learn to respect and learn about others and their beliefs. These actions CAN NOT go without notice. If you feel embarrassed that people of your religion have done something like this then GOOD! Feel embarassed BUT don't let it keep happening, STOP IT from continuing! As one wise person said "Evil can only truly win if the good does nothing to stop it." We are all letting evil win if we do nothing to stop it...
check here for link to the offical website and a note from a christian pastor and what he thought of her story. [link]

Thousands of people from all over the globe have pledged themselves to being part of the resolution against intolerance. By reading this, you, too, have become a part of the bigger picture — a grand portrait of tolerance, where you can be you and Tempest is free.
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Chiminix 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Christian hymns perhaps, but definitely not Christians at all.
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Spiritswriter123 Mar 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
This so sad. While personally I'm Christian (see my icon, just under the Hammer and Sickle), I am completely surrounded by non-Christians (Wiccan, Old Egyptian, agnostic, probably a few atheists, and probably the closest thing to a satanist I'm ever going to meet)
jbeverlygreene Mar 29, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i honestly wonder if there's another side to that story.
It's never been an issue of tolerance for me. It's acceptance that's the problem. Namely, there's none of it. And if you ask most people why they believe what they believe, they have absolutely no answer. And that's the problem. 

I'll give a perfect example of something we need to see more of in TV to make it enough for me to stomach again. I saw a commercial years back of a white girl with her mother at a park playground. The girl was about five or six years old. The girl asks her mother if she can play with the girl over there, and points to a black girl playing by herself. The mother then points to a group of white kids and offers why doesn't she play with those kids over there. The girl asks her mother why. The mother gives no answer. The screen goes black with the sound of kids playing and laughing in the background. The word 'Why' appears on the screen. Then changes to a picture of several different children playing together, underneath asking 'How am I any different from you?'. Then the commercial ends. 

Puts the message across perfectly. And I know this was about race and not religion, but here's what I'm going to ask: "Why does it matter what I believe when you and I can be friends?" 
Character is what matters, my friend. Not Race, not gender, and not religion.
I only wish that everybody in this world could fully grasp that concept. 
Here here. Here here. 
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